Ataxia They Found the Gene. Let's Find the Cure.

Ataxia MJD Research Project, Inc.

The Ataxia MJD Research Project was founded in 1998 by Laura Denning to find a treatment or a cure to Machado-Joseph Disease SCA Type 3 by funding scientific research on this rare genetic disease.

When we learned that our family was at risk for this disease, we were terrified and worried. It was completely unexpected as we'd never heard of Machado-Joseph Disease (MJD) or seen it in the family. Reading about it didn't help because all the information was negative, and for a time, we couldn't find a shred of hope. The only thing we could do was to form this nonprofit corporation to help scientists discover a cure for MJD. I hope you'll join us in our quest for hope and life.

In 1998, the San Francisco Chronicle published an article about our story and our organization.

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We hope you find the information on our website helpful. If you or your family has been affected by this disease, we encourage you to stay hopeful and take action. Please consider a donation to help fund ground-breaking scientific research on this rare genetic disease.

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